Choppy’s Golden Ball

General | 6th May 2021 | 0 comment(s)

New to this season is a weekly prize draw. Members can buy raffle tickets for the draw. The proceeds from the tickets go into the prize pot with a percentage to the club. 

Once a week the raffle is drawn and the owner of the drawn ticket will win the chance to draw a ball from choppy’s ball sack. Choppy’s sack contains 50 balls, 49 white balls and 1 golden ball. 

If a white ball is drawn from the sack the raffle winner receives a bottle of wine, the ball is NOT put back in the sack and the prize fund rolls over to the next week where there will be 48 white balls and the one golden ball. This will continue until the golden ball is drawn. 

Each week the prize fund grows and the chances of drawing the golden ball increase. 

If the golden ball is drawn the raffle winner will receive the prize fund rolled over from any previous weeks. The week after a winning draw all 50 balls go back into Choppy’s sack and we start again. 

If you wish to buy ticket(s) for the draw they can be purchased from Choppy or the club bar.

The first draw will be Friday 14th May.

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