Four Elms Cricket Club

Sunday Report 2018

This was the most successful Sunday side Four Elms has produced for many many years.

At a time when the trend for Sunday cricket is on the wane, we managed to produce a team that was more than capable of holding its own against all comers to the Elms. Indeed, only once, against Tim’s XI, which comprised the cream of the First Division of the Kent Village League, did we capitulate, and we were missing over…

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Second XI Saturday Report 2018

Another restructuring saw us in Division 6 of an expanded League and a changing of the guard saw yours truly back for another stint as skipper. I was looking forward to the 150th anniversary celebrations and, as it turned out, that was a particular highlight. The buzz of cricket week, the marquee, a big crowd and a big occasion with the historic match against the MCC. The ground we all love was looking at its…

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First XI Saturday Report 2018

As I sit here and write, overnight temperatures dropped way below minus and the cricket season seems a million miles away. But as we all know, it quickly sneaks up on us and will soon be here.

I’ve decided to break from tradition slightly this year and instead of writing in tedious detail about each match – I’m going to attempt to write a witty, analogy filled ‘review of the year’ in a style you might…

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Treasurers Report 2018

As at the time of writing we have yet to receive our accounts back from the accountant. I hope that we will have the fully audited figures available soon and certainly before the AGM. However, based on my previous experience, I do not expect there to be any significant issues with the accounts and will offer this report based on the figures that I have maintained throughout the year. It should be noted that the…

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Chairmans Report 2018 Season

Well what a year 2018 was, and a very fitting year in terms of both on field results and off field festivities to mark our 150th birthday at Four Elms. It is hard to know where to start when I look back as so much happened, above all the sun shone and that was a success in it’s own right. The cricket week held in July was a memorable centrepiece. The game against the MCC…

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